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Dr Catharina James is an entrepreneur, start-up coach and established expert in nanomaterials technology, particularly 2D materials. Her background is in chemistry (MSc) and materials science (PhD, University of Cambridge) and her experience spans commercialisation of ground-breaking technologies in materials & engineering, product|ion standardisation and innovation management. Her most recent venture develops a pioneering, $250M circular economy plant for an emerging economy.
She is an integral part of the Entrepreneurship Centre at Judge Business School, part of Cambridge University, coaching start-ups on business model, IP strategy and fund-raising for those selected to the highly prestigious Accelerate program.
Catharina’s role in previous ventures earned her the title of “The First Lady of Graphene” [The Telegraph] and one of the eight “Business leaders to watch” in 2015 by UK media.
Catharina is part of a number of academic and industrial Advisory Boards. Her work was recognised by global media and in museum exhibitions. She has been awarded Fellowship of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) in recognition of her role in the design of novel manufacturing systems.

Selected publications

Ultra-pure single wall carbon nanotube fibres continuously spun without promoter

Conductive inks of graphitic nanoparticles from a sustainable carbon feedstock

Field emission from laser cut CNT fibers and films

The role of carbon precursor on carbon nanotube chirality in floating catalyst chemical vapour deposition

Lipid nanoscaffolds in carbon nanotube arrays

Large scale production of few layer graphene from novel plasma reactor system

Selected patents

Carbon nanotube / graphene composites

Heater elements, heat exchangers and heater element arrays

Apparatus and method for plasma synthesis of graphitic products including graphene

Apparatus and method for plasma synthesis of graphitic products including graphene

Method, System and Injection Subsystem for Producing Nanotubes

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